Friday, September 29, 2006

Vegas I

Everything has already kicked off in amazing vegas fashion. Managed to gate-crash last night's "hot" party - hosted by Very very extravagant. Like the stuff you read about re parties for the Oscars or Cannes or something - uber-cool disco with loads of weird stuff sort of going on randomly all round us - contortionists, dancers, strippers, midgets (might have been catalans), geishas, naked women in baths etc. very surreal. Am already completely exhausted. Vegas absolutely arctic or wiltingly hot depending on whether you are inside or out. Need to buy a jumper to cope with sub-zero temperatures inside the casinos and a much smaller bikini for sub-tropical environment outdoors. Treasure Island is deeply manky hotel compared to the Mirage but am coping with the ghastliness of ubiquitous beige, beige, beige and odd touch of maroon by getting drunk.

Am entered in tomorrow's celebrity/media tournament. Wish me luck!