Friday, September 29, 2006

Vegas III

Gets more and more surreal. Did well in the media tourney - about 40th out of 400. my boss Brad made final table, despite the fact that he was sitting opposite a porn star (female) who is apparently the "Most Downloaded" on the internet. She was pretty ropey in real life.
However, my wall of fame chart is now off the wall!!! At the media tournament, I sat with Dick van Patten (old american actor - very nice but very old, in fact thought he might die during the game) and his yummy son Vince (right) who is WPT presenter but more importantly was once ranked 25th best tennis player in the world and beat McEnroe twice!

Actress Jennifer Tilley tried to sit down next to me but I put my Starbucks fudge cake on the seat to put her off. Really didn't want to be sitting next to last year's ladies champion.

Also hung out with Martin Amis (well, i call it hanging out but it's only because he was stuck next to me in the queue for the media tournament and couldn't get away) plus Anthony Holden (author of Big Deal and ex-friend of Prince Charles) and sat next to Tom Parker Bowles at dinner (seriously good fun, totally irreverent).

Saw Drew Barrymore and said hi to James Garner. (Last two probably don't count for wall of fame chart.)

Went to play poker at MGM and was all-in for 50 bucks on first hand with Aces. Very early night.

It all kicks off today - the first 2000 take their seats at 12pm, including my boss/hero John Duthie.

Editor's Note: Sadly there are no more Vegas posts from this correspondent....