Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Falls Road - Siktilt-style (pre-ceasefire)

There are some war zones which are simply ignored by the media. There is no oil to fight over, no despot to topple. The damage and devastation affects only a few inhabitants. The Falls Road in Las Vegas is one such place - remote (can only be reached by taxi) and hidden from the glare of the world's cameras.

I was the first reporter in to Falls Road. I was - briefly - embedded. This is my report...


At first glance, the villa at the end of Deer Creek Falls Road (pronounced Deer Crack by our Ethiopian taxi driver) is just like any other cul-de-sac villa in the sprawl of low-rises surrounding the Vegas strip.

The UK peacekeeping luxury jeep parked in the driveway gives no hint of the devastation inside. It is quiet. It is newly-painted.

Only as you go inside, do you realise that Siktilt has struck again - turning a once-lovely family home/baller-stripper pad into a scene of wreckage and ruin. Clothes litter the floor. Technical equipment is scattered like shrapnel. A half empty suitcase lies by the staircase - its contents strewn. Every surface is covered with decaying food, cans of Red Bull, scraps of clothing.

In the centre of the room is the nerve centre - a mass of laptops,cables, hard drives, CPUs, crisp packets, empty beer bottles, biscuits and Skittles are piled onto the table.

It's a shocking and disturbing scene.

Please note the following videos contain X-rated footage and are not suitable for viewing by young children or people who are eating.

Take 1 (features Lina in a bikini)

Take 2 (features the "sex pole" and "walk-in shower")