Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm nice. I like to dance and no have girlfriend.

A midget similar to the one that dumped me five times in two yearsSo, last night, stood up by Spearmint for what I was hoping was going to become a nightly ritual but turned out to be - jeez - not ANOTHER one night stand, I turned my attention back to Pau. Pau is useful for one thing right now and that's dancing. He knows the music I like and he knows where it's playing. Sometimes he's even playing it himself.

So, for days now, i have been texting him in the hopes that he will tell me where he is "setting up his decks" as I believe the expression goes. He likes to be enigmatic so he said Ibiza. Turned out to be true. The texts went like this:

Me: Stop fucking about. Where are you playing.
Pau: Ibiza. Wanna come?
Me: No. Yes. Don't know.
Pau: Nice idea. Menage a trois.
Me: Fuck you, you bastard. All I wanted listen to some good music but forgot you wouldn't know about that.
Pau: So rude! I'm joking. You are really welcome if you whant to come. Just broma!
Me: I don't want to hang out with you and some slut.
Pau: What is Slut? Just you myself and I. Big trio.
Me: Ok. I'll come but only if you promise to be nice and we go dancing and you don't pull any girls in front of me.
Pau: I'm nice. I like to dance and no have girlfriend. You need more?

The answer to this was obviously "no" so I started looking up flights. Pip would have killed me. Fortunately, Pau was joking again (gosh, he's witty) and backed down.

So I watched Battlestar Galactica instead (Series 2, Episodes 2-4) .... still haven't been dancing...