Monday, November 13, 2006

Highly Personal

How personal should a blog be? There are probably a huge number of forums/discussion groups tackling this subject but I really can't be bothered to find these and my focus is closer to home. I have friends who have read my blog and are appalled at how much i have revealed about my 'private' life while others find it wickedly funny and are blatantly encouraging further romantic disasters (like THAT'S going to be a problem!)

Dumped is everyone's favourite post which either means I am totally hilarious when in the depths of despair or they are callous bastards.

The truth is though . . I am probably a natural blogger. I have no sense of privacy whatsoever. Anything that I say to my best friend, I am also happy to put in the Sitges Eco (widely read, once had a picture of my tent on page 3) or publish globally on the so-called internet.

I share this trait with my friend who, for some time has been going on dates in full knowledge that, even if the date goes horrendously badly, this actually provides him with better anecdotal material. his 'good' dates are dismissed by us out of hand (dull, dull, dull); he knows the ones we yearn for are the ones that have gone horribly, farsically wrong - riven with faux pas, missed opportunities and food. He may be fucking them up on purpose. I wouldn't put it past him.

In fact, for both my friend and I, the expression "the morning after" actually means "the morning after spent making friends howl with laughter as we recount each disastrous moment from the night before." The more calamitous the evening, the better the story. My friend and I live for gags: it's a weakness.

So, how personal should a blog get? Should i really mention that i'm into bout #7 with Pau? at present, no one else seems to find that funny - and how will I find a way to make it funny when he dumps me again? (Which he will.) will blogging help? if I reveal too much (everything), will it still be funny?

My gut feeling is "fuck yeah". I can get a joke out of anything. Watch this space. If I go several months without an update, then we'll know a) Pau dumped again; b) it wasn't funny.