Sunday, October 08, 2006


Baden snapshots or
Report from EPT Event #3

I am getting very fat. This is the puddings' fault. There are many of them and we must eat them all. Richard would probably die of happiness here.

Went to a party, danced all night, drank 16 beers and started up a fight. No, I didn't actually - but they are good lyrics. Went to a party at the Hotel Sloshed. Tamar's idea. The disco/club was in a beautiful, converted stable block heaving with teenagers and random poker players pestering us for sponsorship. I was fine but then Mickey handed me a giant Tequila Sunrise and suddenly it was alle kaput. Luckily Sven was at hand to scoop me into a vehicle and get me back to the Hotel Caruso.

The Hotel Caruso. What can I say? Deeply, deeply unlovely. The journos have dubbed our wing the prison block. I think it looks like an abandoned Crossroads set. The staff are hateful and unhelpful. Lina's room is considerably smaller than her suitcase.

Room Envy
I always have quite bad room envy at EPT events, but usually it's with Conrad who always seems to get a room at least two inches wider than mine or with better soft furnishings. I never ever have room envy with the TV crew. They are ALWAYS in a worse hotel, often a shit one. Not in Baden though. They have been cunning. They have been here before. They are staying at the Grand Hotel Sauerhof. It is GORGEOUS. Corfield's room is bigger than the media room. It has two sofas, a dance floor and windows opening onto a vast lawn. It is enorme.

OB Cameraman triumphs
Me: So, Dave, that was your first win, wasn't it?
DC: Well, no, you know, yes, well, I mean, well, this year....
Me: So, Dave, that was your first win, wasn't it?
DC: Well, put that way, yes.

Mad Von Trapp or The Hills are Alive with the Sound of My Voice
In a rare attack of energy, I decided to take some exercise and explore the "Kurpark" - a sort of vertical Kew Gardens behind the casino. It was full of little pagodas, temples, shrines and other such nonsense but lovely trees and something i hadn't come across for a long time which I believe is known as "fresh air".