Thursday, February 01, 2007

A letter of thanks to Superman

I was absolutely fuming this morning because yet again, the postman had left me a note in the communal postbox telling me to pick 'something' up at the post office.

It's always a bloody parking ticket and I was fuming because the lazy bastards (postman) never actually ring the bell and deliver my fine into my hands, but find it easier to leave a note meaning I have to hack down to the correo, queue for half a millenia and then have a row in Catalan only to discover, as per usual, that's it's not a bottle of champagne, box of chocs or similarly welcome gift from mystery admirer but just another "multa" from the ayuntamiento for my one single tiny parking transgression committed 8 months ago on my moped (and who says I'm not disabled anyway!).

So imagine my surprise and delight to discover - not a demand for 40 euros - but a ten-strong pile of back issue PokerPlayer magazines!!! Apparently more than one edition of PokerPlayer is too heavy for the postman to deliver himself (work-shy wanker) but never mind. All fury gone. No parking fine - just hours of pleasure to come.

So, the mag is great, hilarious. I am working my way backwards so have kicked off with February 2007.

I have already (obviously) framed p.47 - the cut-out-and-keep poster of Rick Dacey as "Superman" - and put it on my bedside table alongside the picture I took of Mike Matusow when I was stalking him at the WSOP last July. (Tamar has now banned me from stalking The Mouth or indeed making any verbal or physical contact with him whatsoever although I am allowed to smile at him coyly as long as I maintain 100 yards distant. This mean, in smaller casinos, that I have to smile at him from the car park but never mind.)

My favourite line in the mag so far (and by far) is the description of the mighty Paul Cheung on p. 27: musclebound and hyper-aggressive - aaaah, bless him.

So, thank you Rick Dacey, Superhero. Give Cheung a kiss for me. Give yourself one too. This was the best "package" I've seen in a long time (geddit!)

Rick Dacey as Superhero - a convincing portrait