Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What Grand Final?!!

Things might be hotting up in Monte Carlo for the EPT Grand Final, but the event that people are REALLY getting excited about is the 2nd Annual Sitges Open Poker Tournament. With stars like the Honduran Hamster lined up to play, the event is set to smash all records for a Sitges poker tournament or, indeed, any event ever held in the Garraf region!!

Sadly "Punchy" Paterson (right) won't be there in a bid to clinch the 2007 title this year (he is heading south to visit Mummy and Daddy in Andalucia) but with a strong field comprising players such as "Paddy155", "Pottymouth" Wyatt and Travis B Miller, it promises to be a very exciting event - with 20% of the buy-ins going straight to the Ave Maria Foundation.

The Sitges Open takes place April 15, at 3pm. Full details available from the Honduran Hamster aka Richard. See you there.